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Ankai is one of the many Chinese companies dedicated to the production of buses, located in Hefei (Anhui) and belonging to the JAC group, which has had a significant penetration in several Latin American markets, with good results, especially in freight transport with tonnages small and medium. It can produce around 30,000 buses a year, and it also stands out for having received collaboration from the Germans Kassböhrer (Setra) in the 1990s, before being acquired by Daimler.

In Mexico, the brand’s representative is EGS Trucks, which is in charge of the entire sales, service and spare parts process for Ankai, in addition to Yuchai engines, which can also equip Chinese buses. Now the Chinese manufacturer reaches the big transport leagues in the country, after being awarded a contract for 800 units, for the Nuevo León transport system.

In a competition where four brands participated, in December 2021, the Thousand International Companies S.A. consortium was chosen. (Ticsa), which included the technology provided by Ankai. The Winner not only met the specifications, but also offered the best prices and conditions and was well below what was estimated by the state administration for the tender. The Secretary of Mobility announced that the first 100 units will arrive in Nuevo León in April and that the 800 buses will finish arriving in September, likewise, he declared that the buses will serve for the restructuring of public transport in the entity.

That first batch of 100 units must be delivered on April 23, then deliveries of 140 units will be made progressively each month, until they are completed by the month of September. The buses are being built at the Ankai plants, for later shipment by sea to Mexico.

The Ankai buses that will roll through the streets of Nuevo León correspond to the HK6105HGQ model, 10,500 mm long, 2,500 mm wide and with a maximum height of 3,250 mm and a maximum vehicle weight of 16,000 kg. They are powered by a 7.8-liter Yuchai YC6J245-50 engine, delivering 240 HP of power and 980 Nm of torque, complying with the Euro V emission standard. The 6 fuel storage tanks have a capacity of 120 liters each.

The vehicles will be able to transport up to 70 passengers, they have air conditioning, fire extinguishing system in the engine, USB recharging ports. The braking system is drum, with ABS and air dryer provided by Wabco, while the electromagnetic retarder system is of Telma origin.

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