Colombiabus newsroom– William Marroquín / Scania Argentina


Understanding what your clients’ business is like and being able to offer financial services tailored to their needs is a huge differential for manufacturers of productive vehicles such as buses, compared to their competitors and naturally compared to traditional banks. Having risk profiles grounded with the reality of the operation and its timing, agile credit studies, flexibility in terms, better interest rates, payment channels and other aspects can make a carrier choose in favor of a brand that offer all these solutions.

In Scania they understand this very well and that is why in recent years, it has been seen how in the main markets of Latin America, the Swedish manufacturer has established its financial services subsidiaries. An initiative that was born more than sixty years ago in Sweden, to support its clients’ projects and provide better access to credit, leasing, renting and insurance options, allowing you to acquire the chassis, bodies, engines and even some accessories such as air conditioning equipment.

Seeking to strengthen the portfolio of trucks, buses and other services, Scania Credit was born in Argentina, which joins other countries where the brand’s financial services divisions operate with very good results, as in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. Now, Argentine transporters will find personalized solutions adaptable to their needs.

Additionally, a commercial agreement was signed with Aon to insure the vehicles and offer other types of coverage as required. This will be an interesting complement to the advantages offered by having direct financing from Scania, with benefits for customers, human and technical resources trained to provide the necessary advice and an advantage that traditional banking does not have and is both knowledge of the business of the transporter as its adaptability according to the cycles of the activity.

Loan terms of 12, 18 and 24 months in pesos and up to 36 in dollars (at the current exchange rate), are accompanied by financing up to 80% of the value of the unit, be it truck, bus or motor. The greater flexibility and speed of granting, the nonexistence of hidden costs or situations that are not adequately informed, not including the data in any database of financial entities or the Argentine Central Bank, and the ease of access to insurance, are inescapable advantages and benefits for customers.

Despite the recent development of Scania Credit Argentina, the first deals have already been completed, accounting for a third of what had been financed with other mechanisms. Historically, the brand has financed 25% of its additional sales, and they hope to reach at least 35% soon, helping to boost commercial options in the country.

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